Interior & Exterior Painting

Interested in changing up the décor in your home or office? We are committed to providing the top-quality painting services you want without the inconvenience. Our services include but are not limited to:

Interior Painting Services

With our quality of service and efficiency, we provide a wide range of interior home painting services that goes beyond just walls. With just some creativity, painting the ceilings, doors and trims we can transform your visions into reality. We treat your home the same way we would treat ours, with care and respect.

As preparation, we will thoroughly assess the property and prepare your home for the work required. Doing this allows us to properly account for the number of materials and workers required for the job at hand. When the job begins you can rest easy knowing that our professionals use only the highest quality materials and equipment ensuring that the job is done correctly.

Residential and Commercial Exterior Painting Services

Is your property suffering from wear and tear, fading, cracking and breaking of exterior surfaces, paint and caulking? We can take care of it! Our exterior painting services are an effective and worthwhile long-term investment for your property.

Not only will you be beautifying your property but also protecting it from the impact of aging and weather. A professional exterior home painting company will apply high-quality paint that can weatherproof your home and deck while completely sealing the surface and providing ultimate protection.

We ensure your valuables, property and furniture will not be damaged by protecting them while we paint your interiors. However, you can prepare the necessary rooms by removing all furniture, paintings, pictures, etc. Our procedures include covering your floors, moving and covering furniture, preparing walls for painting by filling and repairing all holes, cracks and drywall, and removing wallpaper.
It is possible for a homeowner to stay in their home while it is being painted. Depending on the work required and how long the work will affect critical areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms will determine whether the space is habitable. If a homeowner needs to stay during the process, we plan the project out so that they can be as comfortable and as unimpeded as possible.

The size of the room, the amount of natural light the room receives, the purpose of the room, and the existing furniture in the room all factor into the selection of the paint. We can assist with advice to help you make an informed choice.

Plants, planters, outdoor furniture, and flowerbeds will be covered with lightweight materials and uncovered at the end of the day.
A fresh coat of paint helps to preserve the exterior of your home while also giving it a renewed appearance. We can guarantee a quality paint/restoration job performed by experienced professionals. So yes! Our services will increase your property value.

Our estimates are thorough and clear and when given we will state what exactly will be done and how much the project will cost. Labour, materials, incidentals, and the products being used all influence the total cost.

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